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About Us

Ericka Smicenski, veteran piercer and founder of our sister stores Somatic Body Piercing of 29 years and Somatic Tattoo of 4 years, opened Good Fortune with the mindset of bringing eclectic finds with functional design. Being an artist and a jeweler, she envisioned a space where the uncommon is celebrated.

Located in our beloved Belmont Heights neighborhood in Long Beach, California, we first opened our doors in 2014 solely as an art gallery, curating exhibits with legendary tattoo artists, historical photographers, musicians and community-based Long Beach artists. In January 2016, our vision evolved into Good Fortune--a space dedicated to unconventional art, obscure objects and fine jewelry. 

Good Fortune’s identity is ever-expanding with the desire to create at the fore. We offer a diverse aesthetic to artisanal goods and seek out unique, one-of-a-kind objects from artists, craftsmen and jewelers.