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Brass Scarab Pendant
Brass Scarab Pendant
Brass Scarab Pendant

Sasha Bell

Brass Scarab Pendant


Ancient Egyptians likened scarabs to Ra, their Sun God, who was said to roll the sun across the sky. Linked with the cycles of sunrise and sunset, the scarab was a sacred symbol of transformation, cycles of life, and new dawns. This stunning stamped brass pendant evokes these themes beautifully—the brass scarab forms a circle with its outspread wings and is housed in concentric circles of sterling silver. This is a truly powerful pendant that can be worn through all life’s cycles. 

  • Brass Scarab set in Sterling Silver
  • Pendant measures 1” in diameter
  • 21” Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain
  • Unisexy 
  • Handmade by Sasha Bell in Los Angeles, CA