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Infinite Bracelets

Infinite Bracelets have arrived at Good Fortune! Welded to your wrist, Infinite Bracelets are unique in that there is no clasp: the ends of the chain are united to form a single, endless strand of glittering gold that is fitted and fixed to your wrist. The time you can wear these babies is indefinite—they can live with you for years or you can clip them off when you’re ready to shed this second skin.

Our core collection of Infinite Bracelets are $150 each, this price is comprehensive of the jewelry and the welding service. Our solid gold chains include:

  • Figaro
  • Paper Clip
  • Cable Chain 

*Please note: we do not use materials other than solid 14k gold and will not be welding sterling silver. Please be prepared to choose from our in-house options as we will not be welding any outside jewelry. 

Appointments are required for this in-store service. All appointments are scheduled online and payment is accepted in store.

Are you ready to take your jewelry to a new plane of existence? Here's what you need to know to be in the know: 

  • How it works: Flash, pop! Like a new universe coming into being, your bracelet is formed by a small but mighty burst of light. No heat is used during this welding process and it doesn't hurt a bit. 
  • Bring your bestie, +1, S.O. Infinite Bracelets can be a beautiful symbol of lasting affection; one 30 minute appointment can accommodate up to two people. 
    • Please note at this time, we will not be welding bracelets on anyone under the age of 18.
  • Allergy concerns: All of our bracelets are solid 14k gold. Good Fortune is not responsible for any allergic reactions. By booking this appointment, you are acknowledging that Good Fortune is not liable.
  • All Sales are Final.